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Warranty and Returns

If you receive the Low Vision Readers and are unable to notice improvement, the most common reasons are:

  1. You are holding the material too far from your nose. The Low Vision Readers are built to focus at 8-10 inches for the majority of the population. This is closer than any other reading strategy you have used (generally 16") Pull the material closer to your face and determine if the image improves.
  2. You have a spectacle prescription which is not focusing you at the right distance. You may require custom lenses to be inserted. The Low Vision Readers are fully customizable if needed. Glasses must be returned in the original shipping container with included static free bubble wrap and you must include the glasses case and changing plug.
  3. Your power requirement is higher than the Low Vision Readers provide. A customized, higher powered lens combination may be necessary.

We want you to be extremely happy with this life-changing technology. After some simple troubleshooting, please return them if you are not completely satisfied with the Low Vision Readers.

Warranty and Returns:

  1. All LVR glasses (frames, electronics, chargers and lenses) are warranted to be free of manufacturer's defects for one year from date of purchase. LVR glasses damaged or broken due to *neglect, *accident, or *misuse are not covered. Warranty coverage includes a one-time repair or replacement. Repair vs. replace is at LVR’s discretion. Scratched lenses are not covered under the LVR warranty. Attempting to open/service the frame will void all warranties.

    *Examples of neglect, accident, or misuse include but are not limited to dropping/collision, submerging in liquid, improper storage or handling, exposure to an unpressurized airplane cargo hold, using a charger other than the LVR provided charger, sitting on/crushing eyeglasses, or handling by children or pets.

  2. To return Low Vision Readers for reasons other than a manufacturer's defect, initiate the returns process within 30 days from the date of purchase. They must be in re-sellable condition. You may return them for a full refund less shipping charges.
  3. If you had customized lenses inserted into the Low Vision Readers frame, you must include the factory supplied standard lenses in the return. Custom lenses are made for each individual and are non-refundable.
  4. Please fill out the online returns questionnaire. We are very interested in your feedback.
  5. We will issue a return authorization (RA) number
  6. Mail to us with RA number clearly labeled on package to:
    LVR Technology, LLC
    2817 West End Ave, Suite 107
    Nashville, TN 37203
  7. You are responsible for the cost of shipping the product for returns.