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Low Vision Readers Standard Lenses

Low Vision Readers enable those with significant vision impairment to improve their near vision and for patients with moderate vision loss to see well enough to read again. Some patients may be able to see a letter at a time, while others will be able to see words and be able to read much better than without The Readers. This new technology overcomes the main factors which prevent individuals with low vision from reading – poor contrast and lighting, as well as unrecognizable letters – by providing concentrated lighting, magnification, and prism correction all in one pair of glasses. The combination of these elements permits those with low vision or vision impairment to see near objects better and selectively read (depending on your degree of vision impairment).

Features and Benefits

Every pair of Low Vision Readers include the following features:


  • Matte black polycarbonate plastic frame reduces glare
  • Highly adjustable temples with metal filled core and non-slip rubber to prevent slippage
  • Non-slip rubberized nose pads injected into frame to provide cushioning and prevent slippage
  • Temples fit lock and key into frame front so lights never come out of alignment
  • LED lighting provides a high-intensity, uniform illumination aimed directly on reading area for the working distance


  • Rechargeable batteries in each temple
  • Nearly six hours of continuous lighting on each charge
  • Light is driven by special electronics that provides for constant, full lighting during the entire use. Cheap competitors’ lights output ½ the original lighting in just 20 minutes
  • Light automatically turns on when frame is in open position
  • Additional special electronics protect the batteries for safety


  • Lenses come standard with +5.00D power
  • Prism is standard in lenses. Prism prevents the eyes from tiring out by fooling the brain into thinking the reading material is further away than it is. Cheap imitators that do not contain prism will tire out the eyes within minutes.
  • Lenses are completely customizable for each patient if necessary. We calculate that only 20% of candidates for the Low Vision Readers will require customized lenses.
  • Lenses are constructed from high index material and have an anti-glare and scratch coating. With the scratch coating, scratches are minimized, but not eliminated


  • Handy bag doubles as a lens cleaning cloth
  • Hard case is impact resistant, water resistant, floats for a short time, and custom molded for the Low Vision Readers


  • Y shape connector allows for simultaneous charging of each temple
  • Red indicator light during charging turns green when fully charged
  • Wires and electronics are low voltage for safety

Do you need custom lenses?

We calculate that only 20% of those who need Low Vision Readers will need customized lenses. Most of the patients who have low vision have had cataract surgery. In most cases, cataract surgery resets the prescription to near zero.

You will need custom lenses if you have any of the following conditions:

  • Best-corrected visual acuity of worse than 20/200 in the better seeing eye
  • A significant distance prescription in the better seeing eye:
    • myopia of greater than -2.00D
    • hyperopia of greater than +1.50D
    • astigmatism of greater than 2.00D

A prescription is written out as -2.00-1.00x90. The first number is the amount of myopia (-) or hyperopia (+). The second number is the amount of astigmatism (+ or -). The third number is the axis of astigmatism and is irrelevant in our calculation.

If you feel like you need customized lenses, please ask your doctor for these pieces of information and call our customer service for instructions.